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Year: 1975
Page: 8
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SKCS Yearbook 1975•8 South Kortright Central School Almedian
SKCS Yearbook 1975•8 South Kortright Central School Almedian


To the class of 1975

The 150 or so years from the beginning of the industrial revolution to the present is a relatively brief part of the recorded history of man. Still, within that short span of years the world has witnessed a period of discovery, research, invention and technological advance that is mind-boggling. It is well wihin the realm of possibility, for exmaple, that many of your grandparents' generation have seen change ranging from the invention of the automobile to the perfection of vehicles and techniques that made it possible for men to walk on the moon. Certainly, some easily remember the days before rural electrification, inside plumbing and central heating. Moreover, since the early 1800's advances in knowledge about nutrition and health along with fantastic progress in the development of medical and sugrical techniques have literally doubled the length of man's life expectancy on this planet.

The combination of the scientific technological advances that have been achieved and the relatively high degree of prosperity in our contry since the 1940's has permitted amazing improvements in the quality of life that is generally possible in this year of nineteen hundred and seventy-five.

Unfortunately, however, man has not made similar progress in all areas of his endeavor. While scince and technology have flourished, the quality of relationships between and among human beings has continued at much the same level over all these years. In most parts of the world, poverty and starvation are still gigantic, unresolved problems. Crime, Greed, dishonesty, selphishness, hatred, and cruelty are all too common in the daily affairs of men. These kinds of human problems represent the new frontier; they are a wilderness of ignornace and carelessness that must be more nearly ended by your generation. This is your challenge.

Now, as you reflect on your days at South Kortright while turning to contemplate the future, I hope you will seek out and grab hold of the opportunity to do your share in improving the level of human dignity and opportunity among all people. No challenge is more important; no need is greater in our search to overcome unhappiness, pain and injustice.

I congratulate you all on your worthwhile accomplishments up to this time in your lives. I pray that you will use what you have learned and the talents you have been given to help make a better world for children of the future.

Good luck!

Supervising Principal


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